EV Charging Station at Orchard Side Bed and Breakfast

EV Charging Station at Orchard Side Bed and Breakfast

When you stay at Orchard Side Bed and Breakfast you can charge your electric car while you sleep!

The ICS 7KW Intelligent EV Charging Station is an untethered unit. You will need to use your type 2 cable, but if by chance you have forgotten it don’t worry as Gigi also drives an electric car and can lend you her cable. The ICS EV Charging Station adds up to 30 miles of charging range per hour so you can either charge overnight or plugin and top up when you arrive. This will give you the chance to get out and about and start enjoying the local area on day one and maybe even get up on the Malvern Hills for a fabulous walk.

On arrival, you have access to an RFID authentication card so you can activate the EV charging station whenever you want. Alternatively, you can ask Gigi to start your EV charging session via the ICS App. Gigi will be able to confirm how many KW you have used and an agreed KW price will be charged.

When you have enough charge, simply unplug your cable and you’re ready to go. It would be super helpful if you could let Orchard Side Bed and Breakfast know that you will want to use the EV charging station, just in case another guest wants to charge their car.

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